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The scripts here are free for you to record and upload (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit me. A link back to this page or one of my social media pages in the description is good enough. If you prefer something more formal, you can also consider these scripts as licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

i don't edit these scripts beyond what i do for my own purposes of recording so you may find small discrepancies and errors. you likely want to not literally say all the words i write, since some of those words are wrong.

Yandere holds you down and explains to you anime ASMR as found on youtube

* climbing through window sounds *

Hey cutie, oh no, don't gett out of bed. I know you aren't used to cute girls like me just popping through your window. That is a good darling, obey a random home invader.

Oh my such wimpers when I grab your wrists. Here let me *shifting wait sounds bed creaks * ah yes. now you can't get away, I have got you pinned under my weight, and even though I'm light, I see you couldn't lift even that.

Oh calm down, I am not here to kdinap you. I might be a bit yandere but I am not that sort. I have other plans for you. I am here to tell you about the Anime roleplay ASMR as found youtube; and you are my listener. no you don't get a choice about this. I suppose you could scream; but i know that you have trouble raising your voice when you are under pressure. plus if my research is correct, you want this deep down, don't you?

Anime roleplay ASMR is not its offical name. As far as I can tell, there is no offical name. I use the term to refer a genre of anime-associated audio experiences which tell a story often to be relaxing or romantic in some way, though there are definitely cases that cross over into drama or comedy.

They are appear to be desended from the ASMR genre yet they have drifted far from the orignal form of pleasing sounds with some softspoken wispers between. I like to think of them as listener-insert audio dramas usually with small budgets. This makes them similar to reader-insert fanfic featuring "Y/N" or "your name".

There also exist non-anime roleplay with a video element but I never watched those, since I find human faces a bit scary; anime faces are far more inviting and attractive. Thus non-anime rolplay asmr were excluded from this analysis. Oh don't be disappointed. There there, I can talk for a while about merely the anime roleplay asmr. You will be pinned under me for a while. *evil giggle*

But if it comforts you at all, I am including asmr rolyplay with non-anime thumnails as long as they don't include real human faces or a video component. I am also including videos that don't claim to be asmr but merely anime roleplay. These appear to be the same but I speculate drop the ASMR from the title because this genre shares so little with the original ASMR genre.

Per the meta as of some years ago, I will be telling you this in the form of a numbered list.

1. The Format and Form

Anime roleplay generally features two primary characters: the speaker, and the lister. I am the speaker. You can tell because I'm talking, and you can hear the words that I am saying. You are the listener, you can tell because you are listening, and because I am attracted to you. *flity giggle*

1.1 The Listener is you

1.1.1 The listener, the silent one

Generally The listener doesn't speak, or at least their words don't show up on the recording.

[moment of silience]

Yes, I am recording this, sweetie. I am a yandere with a particular fondness for meta activities, so I am recording this and will publish it as an audio on youtube later.

and see there. That is an example of the silient listener. You may speak but you only know what you said based on my response. Thus, the speaker will repeat back what you said in some form to make is easier for you to know what you said.

The principle is similar to silient progranonists of video games. It is easier for the audience, like you, to project yourself onto the listener character if the listener doesn't speak. Unlike video games, where even a mostly silent protagonist, like mario, will still make short exclamations, the listener stays silent on the recording. Even when I pin your hands above your head, and with my free hand, gently pet your cheeck and run my finger along your jawline, you let out such little cute sounds, but you only know that because I told you. Let me give you a little cheek kiss. *kiss sounds*

*a different voice saying some explination like yahoo or something*

-_- okay, this audio can be the exception where the listener makes a sound. But this is the first time, I have heard witnessed such a _thing_. Perhaps, i'll need to gag you in the future.

Back on topic, in contrast to these listener-insert audios, in reader-insert fanfic, "you" or "your name" written "y slash n" will speak, because, I suspect, prose is an abstract medium and thus you don't have the jaring aspect of someone else saying "your" words in someone else's voice.

However, there is another reason for the listener to be silent. It is easier. I mean yes, it is easier for you to not speak since you aren't exactly at good at things, but I was meaning that only single voice is needed to produce a audio. No need for multiple actors or even for a single actor to do multiple voices. These audios are produced with minimal budget, so every bit of easiness it good.

1.1.2 the listener, the vauge one

The listener is lacking in details or at least strong characterization. This is eases the ability of the audence to project themselves onto the listener, or so the theory goes. This conflicts with the general principle of writing that more detailed descriptions drawforth stronger emotional reactions. "you're pretty" is less impactful than "your nose is so small and adordable". This means if we can find details that are true about our audience, we can get those delightful emotional reactions while mataining the projections.

The audence of anime asmr roleplay audios are a particular bunch, so the author can accurately make assumptions about the audence. Thus, the listener is generally a lonely weeb who isn't winning many awards for most functional human bean.

[comfortingly] There there, it is okay. you might not be a functional human, but I love you. you're perfect. your nose makes my heart leap with joy when I go *boop* *happy giggle* No, I won't mention any particular details. I am not sure you have particular details, just the purest expression of ~*~ lonely weeb ~*~.

There are parallels between the listener and the standard protagonists of isekai and harem anime. Both those and anime asmr feature protagonists which tend towards lonely anime-fan losers who are inexplicitly romantically successful. Anime seems to take more of a comedic joy in exposing the lameness of their protagonists. Though perhaps it seems like that merely because when the audios do it, it seems hot instead.

1.2 the speaker

Anime Asmr audios are generally produced by a single actor. Sometimes they will do collabs but those are the exception rather the rule. Each actor maintains a seperate channel rather gathering into production companies. This is feasable because of the low production costs of producing the audios. Collabs often suffer since the audio are recorded in non-professional environments and thus the effect of one set of background sounds cutting to another can be jaring.

The single actor voices the speaker, and it is THE speaker generally. Occasionally there will be audios with multiple characters fullfilling the speaker role, but those are the exception.

The speaker is generally a character designed to be attractive, and is generally in love with the listener.

Even though the listener is expected to be projecting on to, often the speaker is the view point character. We, the audience, often will hear the speaker talk even when the listener character can't hear them, like when the listener is in a different room or unconcious. Sometimes we will even the speakers thoughts.

side characters are everyone else

Side characters come in two varients: voiced and unvoiced.

Voiced side characters work like normal audio drama characters. Since the these audios are low budget, this is either by the artist doing multiple voices or more commonly as colabs

silient side characters could be modeled as a rapidly switching listener roles. However, as one is not expected to project upon the silent side characters this might not be particularly informative model. Moreover, side characters never are refered to as "you" or "listener" in the descriptions or video titles.

2. The packaging

2.1 Video titles

anime roleplay asmr favours descriptive video titles, there are never clickbait like "she said what??". I am not sure why. I suspect it has to do with people searching for particular desires rather than liking particular artists compared other subjects like vlogs. To compress lots of meaning into a short title, specialized terminology has been adopted by many video creators.

For example, F4F, F4M, F4A, and M4F, M4M, and M4A. All spelled with the numeral 4. These refer to the gender of the speaker and the listener. The first letter refers the gender of the speaker, F for female, M for male. (I have yet to see a non-binary speaker, though audios for non-binary listeners exist.) The 4 stands for "for" as in "female for female" and the second letter is the gender of the listener. "A" stands for all, or in other words, the script makes no assumptions about the listener's gender.

The phrase "reverse" means that the role of the speaker and the listener are reversed. While great for compressing infomation, calling things "reverse" whatever can lead confusion if you don't know what the normal meaning is. For example, "reverse comfort" means the speaker is sad and the listener comforts them. This requires that you know "comfort" is the speaker comforting the listener. Similarly, "reverse yandere" means that the listener is the yandere who is kidnapping the speaker.

oh? don't worry. I am not kidnapping you just holding you down while telling you things. Yandere is a loosely defined term even if it is associated with kidnapping. In fact, because yandere is such a popular subject, there is an insentive for creators to include yandere in the title, even it is a little bit of a stretch.

2.2 Community

Can we pause for a moment? I just love how the comments below anime asmr videos are so friendly, and filled people roleplaying kitchen utensils and Jojo characters. It's wondarously weird. I wish all of youtube had such good videos comments.

2.3 Explicitness

To say anime asmr is entirely chaste without any element of sexuality would be false. However, Youtube bans adult content. Thus, these anime asmr tend towards etchi in terms of explicitness. From sweet romantic moments to suggestive statements like "let me touch you here" which the listener could imagine quite easily to be somewhere more adult, but also leaves it open for how I am actually touching your elbow.

It is not uncommon for channels to adopt a dual platform approach where explicit content is hosted on patreon, and other parts are hosted on youtube. This is technically against the rules as promoting adult content on youtube is against the content guidelines. However, youtube's content guidelines are vauge and open ended and thus breaking the rules is normalized. Some channels post the adult content just straight to youtube. Since in general audio and text eurotic content is policed less tightly than visual eurotic content, they seem to get away with it. Though the risk of the ban hammer is always present. Sometimes, videos even labelled "18+" won't be age restricted, which suggests that youtube is using human reporting only to age restrict videos (surprising for youtube which loves its bot moderators) or their bots are slow or inaccurate even for simple things.

3. Sound effects

In traditional audio dramas, foily work, all the little non-musical noises not produced by actors, creates a rich scene setting. In anime asmr, the budget of both time and money is quite limited. Often a single artist will release multiple audios a week. Thus, the sound effects are often minimal. However, in my opinion, the artists which spend the time to fill out sound scapes rich in tasty foilywork and music produce the best audios. This preference is not universal. Some artists advertise the lack of sound effects as an advantage.

But what is more important is writing:

4. Writing: characters speaking words

4.1 Scripted vs non-scripted.

The asmr audios generally come in two forms: scripted audios, like this one. *paper russling sounds* Yes I wrote down my speach to you before coming here. It is important to be prepared. Scripted audios generally have a faster pace more dense with events. The other kind of audio, unscripted audios, can be quite long like an hour more easily since they require less preperation. unscripted audios will be more realistic for dialog found in an real relationship, since generally people (unlike me) don't script their pellow talk before hand.

4.2 Strengths of this form

Naviely this anime asmr audios would seem best suited to stories where the listener is quite passive, since if the listener makes any decisions, it would ruin the projection. However, active listeners are quite common.

So, when kidnapped, listeners will often attempt to escape, not you though, you have been laying here quite nicely. Very good listener.

The listener's actions often happen between the episodes or scenes. So episode 1 might be "yandere captures you" and episode 2 might be "yandere punishes you for escaping". It is like a comicbook, where the action happens between the frames; but instead of frames, it's the speaker's monologs to the listener.

I have seen listeners commit murder between episodes. Given that the audience likely is not prone to murdering people, such acts would seem to violate the self-insert principle. Why are these presented as in anime ASMR form, instead of a traditional audio drama? -- Anime asmr is very cheap to produce. You only need 1 voice actor. The clever trick of anime asmr is to move all the lines of all the characters into a single character so you only need one voice actor. This takes a bit of suspencious of disbelief as it leads to somewhat unatural dialog; but many people are quite good at suspending their disbelief. Just see musical theatre fans

4.3 Yandere appeal

But that leaves the question: why are people listening to audios where they are mistreated and kidnapped to relax? Though you, the audience, yes, you, I am breaking the forth wall -- you have listened to an entire audio where someone breaks into your room and holds you down where non-consensually explaining things to you. So perhaps. You know the answer.

story ending

oh, it looks like listener has fallen alseep. good. you deserve your rest. Even though the you won't hear these words. Here let me tuck you in *matriss creak* and give you a good night kiss. *kiss sounds* don't woory I will be back.