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The scripts here are free for you to record and upload (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit me. A link back to this page or one of my social media pages in the description is good enough. If you prefer something more formal, you can also consider these scripts as licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

i don't edit these scripts beyond what i do for my own purposes of recording so you may find small discrepancies and errors.

Neko catgirl thanks you, her master, in poetic verse [eldritch] [ASMR] [F4A]

your dinner is ready, my master
i'm sorry that is was not done faster
oh please, while you eat let me say
nyaa and thank you if I may

not long ago, I was alone
so cold so wet in every bone
oh cast aside in that sad street,
unwanted, trampled under feet,

a packing box was home for me
so totally sad, the best it could be
a burden a bother, hated by all
but no one heard my plaintful call

i longed for folk to take me in,
but none saved me from curse-ed bin:
not men in suits, nor girls in skirts
that loneliness; it truely hurts

after crying tears, I fell asleep 
i thought i drempt i's yours to keep
but then i woke and 'twas the truth
you saved me from my cardboard booth

Now, you, my master, defend my hide
from cold wet wind which wets my side
I thank you so for your part
I love my master with my heart

you pat my ears and fluff my tail
and comfort me when i go pale
keep those nightmares far away
and also let me play each day

And even though I clean your room 
my debt to you forever looms
for you shelter my fluffy ears
from my cold damp dreadful tears

none that i could ever do 
would suffice as a 'thank you'
for shelter given from the rain,
the cardboard box that caused me pain

the pets and pats; unworthy pay
my heart that fills with love each day
May our life be long and calm
together forever a soothing balm 

When sweet years have past their way,
the joy is done; I end my play.
upon that day when I am ripe,
my tenticles will rightly wipe,

lousy mankind away to sea,
salty wet where they should be
but they will climb back to shore
yet I will call in the Aftermore

A sparkle shock, forbidden prayer 
an evil act i shouldn't dare
a bomb so big so nuclear
not really though; it's magic dear

for with a mighty big loud boom.
it will so seal mankind's doom
but i shall not forget your life
you shan't be hurt by killing strife

you gave me hugs and warmed my soul,
so I shall save you from the toll
i can't forget your loving laugh
upon my heart, your autograph.

my master, i do love you so
i love you from head to toe
your arms so safe in every way,
Should I end the world today?


my life with you is just too good.
so i'll delay; won't do as I should
for i crave your loving touch

Thank you; thank you so much...