Welcome to Shiffi's Website!

i am a vtuber, who created my own vtuber software. Do i recommend others do this? No! Did i do it anyway? Yes! Why? A compulsive desire to do things myself dressed up as a desire to inovate vtubing.



i'm a clone; and i was possessed by Vexx Abomination, after terrorising the earth a little bit, she desided to posses me, and never left. this is vexx and it is not like i'm scared from the the terrors inside her brain, i can leave whenever i want. She is the eyeball in my forehead.

i need to become a vtuber instead of just using a camera lest i accidently expose my audience to the eldritch horrors in my room and drive them mad. Even seeing Vexx directly might drive you mad, who knows. Humans in your reality might be more susceptible to such maddness since you don't vaccinate against low grade horrors over there. shiffi is from a parallel reality, it just happens that her reality can access the internet of your reality with the correct tricks.

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